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15 Years of Firenze Race Team

On Saturday 9th June 2018, the Firenze Race Team celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Team: 15 years since the first Class 1 competition held in 2003 in Leicester, England. A first and great success of a long series.
There were many guests at the event, including previous members of the team since the year of foundation, institutional personalities from the various courses of Engineering and even Economics, and some of the partners and sponsors.
Since 7.30 in the morning, the members of the Team met at the Morgagni Department for the preparation of the celebration. Once the entrance was set up for the reception and registration of the guests, the hall of the classroom entrance and finally the Auditorium for the presentation, the guests began to arrive.

The event began with the thanks of Professor Capitani, current Faculty and project manager since the foundation, and Professor Ferrara, who has always followed the progress of the engine of the vehicles of the Team.They told us of how the two professors, encouraged by Daniele Rosti and Tommaso Iacomelli, former students of Engineering, started this activity. Later, Daniele Rosti’s speech, focused on why two students were interested in Formula Student, a “touching” speech about their passion and their studies. Daniele also paid homage to one of the team’s very first sponsors, Raffaele Tampolli, who attended at the event, as he was the first to teach a group of students at the design level how to work with machinery to obtain components, and the know-how has been passed down to the present day. The applause was endless for him.  After a brief introduction, the current Team Leader , for the occasion in the role of mediator, Caterina Lotti, called on stage all the team leaders from the first year until today, in a so-called “round table” interview to get an informal atmosphere and to involve the audience as much as possible. From left to right: Alessandro Dell’Uomo, Lamberto Morrocchi, Caterina Lotti, Leandro Ronchi, Francesco Ristori, Pierluigi Tozzi, Amedeo Tesi, Tommaso Iacomelli, Tommaso Innocenti, Claudio Annicchiarico, Andrea Massini, Daniele Rosti.
The questions concerned the personal experiences of each Team Leader, their relationship with all their colleagues, the workshop and the meaning of “living” in the workshop; and again, what Formula Student means and how they advise us to approach us to continue to see an improvement and a growth. The question to the former Faculty Advisor who has followed the Team in all these last years has not been missing. The most beautiful and funny moments came when the anecdotes of the various years were told, memories have surfaced and laughters have invaded the Auditorium, suggestions from the audience, and still laughters. Finally, it arrived our turn to show the work done on the Autonomous Driving, the progress made and the objectives we set ourselves for this project. The discussion continued in front of the buffet, where it was easier to talk with our predecessors.
An exciting day that has allowed us to rediscover the roots and tradition of this Team, the efforts that have been made over all these years, both by us, students, and by the professors and the University who have invested and are investing in us. Their experiences, their difficulties will be ours, but we know that the support between former colleagues will never be lacking.
We would like to thank all the participants and those who could not come, but still conveyed his enthusiasm! Finally, we also thank Meccanica 42 S.r.l for having contributed to the success of the event.
From here you can access the photos and relive with us the moments of the event!