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Do you want to put into practice the theory studied in the books? Have you always wanted to be involved in the design of a car starting from an idea up to its realization? Are you intrigued by the world of motorsport?

Formula Student is exactly what you are looking for !!!

Formula Student is an engaging and educational activity that you can find within the University of Florence. Every student of any faculty, bachelor or master’s degree, can join the team. He/She can work with other students to create a performing and competitive racing car. The goal is to compete against other Italian and European universities both on and off track. The tests include design, marketing and an economic-production point of view.

Formula Student gives the opportunity to develop bachelor and master’s theses. It proposes always new interdisciplinary, educational and stimulating projects.

Italian and foreign companies are always looking for students with experience. Formula Student gives the opportunity to increase your value within this world.


What are you waiting for? Come and meet us!

Fill out our simple Format on te site  , enter your details and you will be contacted soon!

For information, questions and / or curiosities we are always available;

You can find us in the V2D laboratory (ex Lab PCM) in Santa Marta.

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