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FRT Season 2019


Between July 25th and 28th 2019, Firenze Race Team took part at the Formula SAE Italy competition, in Riccardo Paletti autodrome in Varano de’ Melegari, where the FR-19T had the possibility to match against more than other 40 cars from University from all over the world.


Season 2018/2019 has been tough. The team challenged for all the winter with the car realization in the workshop which, although the precious help of our sponsors, required great effort and seriousness. This has been rewarded with a great wealth of experience wich every team member will bring with him, and a great time passed together.

Back to summer chapter, our guys could touch with hand what means a true Motorsport competition: the preparation, the journey, last changes on track before turn on engines and race between circuit curbs!

The single-seater passed easily scrutineering test, where car safety has been verified. The first goal has been achieved: the car that we projected and realized is able to take part in the competition, assuring safety standard requested.

Subsequently we challenged static events: in Design Report we had to present the car project in front of an examining committee and explain the projectual iter followed, with relatives choices justification; in Cost Report we created a cost analysis model of the complete production chain that made possible the project realization, from the cost of a specialized operator to the eletric power consumed  by a machine tool; in Business Report we made a business plan of an ipoteic company that produce our car in a little production, analizing cost, timing, marketing and revenues.


We are so finally arrived at the dynamic events, where we could compare the performance of our car against other ones from the various University attendant at the event.

Although with difficulties due to technical problems at our transmission, in the Acceleration event we proved our horsepower, while in Skidpad we have put a strain on our vehicle dynamic. Going into Autocross event, that measure the car performance in launched lap, which our vehicle was not able to express his true potential. Indeed at the moment in wich our pilots took the right confidence, bad weather occurred on the circuit, making performance fall down and relegating us at a non-satisfying result. The autocross was also valid as a qualification for the following event, Endurance & Efficiency, where we started in a disadvantaged position. The Endurance & Efficiency consist in 25 laps, for a total of 22 km to live with bated breath. Despite the uncertain weather condition we opted for slick tyres and race trim, the right choice that permitted to have a great initial rush. Unfortunately, for a cooling failure, our car has not been able to finish the race, ending at lap 18.

Here the final results:

Design Report: 24/42

Cost Report: 4/41

Business Report: 26/42

Acceleration: 17/43

Skidpad: 17/43

Autocross: 25/43

Endurance & Efficiency: 21/43

Overall: 21/43

Unfortunately, competition didn’t go in the way we expected, and above all in the way that this car deserved. A mid-field placement doesn’t satisfy us and doesn’t represent us. There are some sweet notes: the success in Cost Report event, very close to the podium, and congratulations from Design Report judges, who saw great potential in our project, despite various errors.

However this doesn’t break us down, makes us more motivated to face up to this new season with great enthusiasm! We are ready to get involved again to reach definitely better results as early as the next summer, this time with greater experience and competence.

We thank Università degli Studi di Firenze and the departments DIEF e DINFO for the result.

We thank our sponsor, without which the realization of this car couldn’t be possible.