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The soul of the project

We are excited to introduce the members of the Firenze Race Team, consisting of about 100 students, each bringing a unique set of skills and extensive experience in their field. The team members come primarily from the School of Engineering at the University of Florence, but also include students from other schools.

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Our creations

From the earliest inventions to the most technologically advanced, each car represents a chapter in our story of innovation and passion for engineering. Get ready to explore our journey through the world of racing, where each vehicle has made its mark and contributed to defining our competitive spirit and dedication to engineering.

Discover our Cars

The FR-24 is the car developed by the Firenze Race Team in 2024, designed with an autonomous driving system and a series of advanced innovations. Among these, standout features include a revolutionary aerodynamic package, the adoption of the Beta turbocharged engine, and the introduction of a new steering wheel with an integrated display. However, the most significant innovation is the application of a wrap for the livery, a system that covers the entire car or part of it with a heat-reactive plastic film, ensuring perfect adherence to the bodywork. This project was the result of two and a half years of intense work, with the hope of achieving excellent results in future competitions.

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The highlights

Since its creation, the Firenze Race Team has always been a point of reference for all students at the University of Florence who are passionate about motorsport, and beyond. Over time, the team has made a name for itself both nationally and internationally through the various competitions and events organised mainly in our territory. All this has led to great collaborations with world-renowned partners operating in the motorsport sector.

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Our supporters

Collaboration is very important in the world of Formula Student, as the budget is small, but there is a lot of work to be done. That's why every kind of help is essential in this sector, and the Firenze Race Team can count on the support of more than 100 partners who help the team to build a car that is able to face all the tests in the competitions.

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FRT History

Accomplished results


Formula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
3rd place - Cost Report


Formula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 3
1st place - Overall standings


Formula Student Czech Republic, Most (CZ) – Class 1
6th place - Cost Report, 6th place - Engineering Design


Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
3rd Place - Cost Report


Formula SAE, Hockenheim (D) – CLASS 1 Driverless
12th place - Overall ranking, First team in the world to participate in a Formula SAE event with an autonomous car powered by a combustion engine


Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 3
2nd Place - Overall standings, 2nd Place - Design Presentation, 1st Place - Cost Analysis

Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
3rd Place - Overall standings, 4th Place - Design presentation, 1st Place - Cost analysis, 3rd Place - Business presentation, First Italian Team, "ZF TRW-Driving Safety to Safely Drive" Award


Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
7th place - Overall standings, 5th place - Design Presentation, 5th place - Cost Analysis, "Best use of active frame systems" award.


Formula Student, Silverstone (UK) – Class 2
1st place - Cost Analysis, 2nd place - Overall standings


Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
1st place - Business Presentation, 1st place - Cost Analysis


Fomula SAE Italy, Varano de’ Melegari (IT) – Class 1
2nd place - Business Presentation


Formula SAE Italy, Fiorano (IT) – Class 1
1st place - Cost Analysis, "Schaffler Group" Award - 'The best selection of bearings and design'

Formula Student, Silverstone (UK) – Class 1
1st place - Cost Analysis


Formula SAE West, Fontana (USA) - Class 1
First Italian team to participate in a race in the USA

Formula SAE Italy, Fiorano (IT) – Class 1
1st place - Cost Analysis, Most Friendly Team Award


Formula SAE Italy, Balocco (IT) – Class 3
1st place - Overall standings


Formula SAE Italy, Balocco (IT) – Class 1
2nd place - Overall standings, 1st place - Autocross, 2nd place - Skidpad, 2nd place - Endurance, "MSC Software" award - 'Best virtual development team', "Automobilismo" magazine award - 'To the most innovative project'


Formula Student, Leicester (UK) – Class 1/(200)
4th place - Overall standings Class 1 + Class 1/(200), 2nd place - Overall standings Class 1/(200), 1st place - Design Event Class 1/(200), 3rd place - SolidWorks 3D Design & Analysis Awards


Formula Student, Leicester (UK) – Class 1
15th Place - Overall standings, Best Rookie Team Award


Formula Student, Leicester (UK) – Class 3
2nd place - Overall standings, 1st place - Design Event, 1st place - Business Presentation, First ever participation of an Italian team in an F-SAE Series event