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Why should you sponsor the Firenze Race Team? Formula SAE is a unique activity. It creates professionals trained during their years of university with complete technical preparation. From engineering to marketing.

Firenze Race Team during the design test at the Formula SAE event in Italy in Varano de ’Melegari.

The return of image for a sponsor is wide. The Team attends international events, publicized by major automotive magazines and newspapers. The activity of the Firenze Race Team is advertised and present in the media, both local and national. To name a few we can mention Autotecnica, Quattroruote, Repubblica, La Nazione, TG3 Toscana, Sky’s Nuvolari Channel and many more. Furthermore, the FRT is present on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter) with lots of followers. The possible ways of support are a lot. Among these, technical sponsorship is the best solution to start a collaboration. Technical sponsorship has an elevated return of image with a
low cost. It is even possible to structure it with a sponsorship contract. The company can also get benefits from cash donations, sales, or material goods, as they are deductible from business income. The skills in the team can also be exploited as part of a research agreement with the university. It is thus possible to establish mutual collaboration relationships on topics of interest. Thanks to these partnerships, the sponsors link themselves to a training and research activity. Therefore, it is associated with a broad vision that points to the future of young people. The Firenze Race Team ensures the presence of the sponsor’s logo on the livery of the car, on the uniforms, and on other gadgets. Besides, visibility on the team’s website and citations on scientific and informative publications.

Firenze Race Team in Varano de’ Melegari.

Year after year, the Firenze Race Team tries to improve itself. The team aims to achieve positive results and to bring visibility to the University of Florence and to the sponsors.

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