Veichle setup

The work of preparation for the tests on the old car continues, and thanks to the availability of Marcello Gai, chief mechanic of the team Faggioli, who provided the space, the necessary equipment and his experience, we finished the set-up of the 2711 RR. During the course of the day, numerous necessary operations were carried out on the car before we could start a new test.

With the help of the team members present in the workshop, the initial height of the car was measured, the compression of the shock absorber springs, the weight on each wheel, and adjustments were made to balance the car. We then went on to measure and adjust the toe-in and camber angle of all four wheels, thus finishing the set-up of the car. We are now ready to go for more tests at the Mugello circuit!!!

The FRT thanks again Marcello Gai and the Faggioli team for the opportunity.