FRT and the Florence Motorbikes

On Saturday 17 October, at 9 a.m., the exhibition dedicated to motorbikes born in Florence took place. The occasion was the 150th anniversary of the transfer of the capital of united Italy from Turin to Florence. The ‘Florentine motorbikes’ have been numerous, from the early 20th century to the present day. For this reason, the Florentine Vintage Motorcycles Club, in collaboration with the School of Engineering of the University of Florence and Club-MEC, organised a meeting in which the main motorbikes built or elaborated in Florence were exhibited, presenting their characteristics and, above all, researching the aspects and peculiarities that link them.

During the seminar, Luca Manneschi retraced the main stages of motorbike evolution in the Florentine environment, from the beginning of the last century to the present day. Afterwards, Giovanni Ferrara interviewed some of the builders of the main Florentine motorbike manufacturers, including Piero Ancillotti, Giuseppe Bianchi, Augusto Brettoni, Giancarlo Gori, Fabrizio Guidotti and Lorenzo Segoni.

Also present on this occasion was the Firenze Race Team with the new FR-15T, which has an all-Florentine heart. Many motorsport enthusiasts came to discover the most innovative aspects of the car, starting with the turbo injection engine derived from the Beta 498 RR enduro bike, or the electronically controlled semi-active differential all designed and built in-house, on which the team won a special prize from Lamborghini.