Car exhibition at Morgagni, Santa Marta and Beta Day

Thanks to the Department of Industrial Engineering of Florence (DIEF), Prof. Renzo Capitani and the University of Florence it was possible to exhibit the car that took part in the 2015 Formula SAE Italy event inside the premises where the Engineering classes are held, that is inside the Morgagni and Santa Marta complex. We would also like to thank Beta Motor for inviting us to their annual exhibition and test event, i.e. BetaDay, a must for Tuscan motorcyclists, not at all put off by the rain!

It was a great opportunity to introduce a very interesting and lively reality to new students and non-students alike, and to make everyone share in the enthusiasm and desire that distinguishes us. Both events were a great success, with a good turnout of people curious to get to know both the team and the car, and to hear its roar!

We also had the opportunity to meet a great champion, Carlos Checa, with whom we were able to exchange views, who complimented us on the good work done and “blessed” the car with an autograph.

We look forward to meeting all the guys who showed interest, and we thank all the new fans!