Firenze Fiesole 2022

October 1st saw the historic event of the Firenze-Fiesole, a car race with deep roots in Florentine tradition. This year, the Firenze Race Team was invited to participate in this epic event, thanks to the kind hospitality of the Scuderia Biondetti and the ACI Firenze.

The start took place from one of the most iconic places in Florence, namely Piazzale Michelangelo, from where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city. Here, as soon as the roar of the engines was heard, adrenalin was pumping, and all the fans were eager to see the cars race past.

The Florence-Fiesole is a race that requires ability, precision and bravery. Drivers have to face winding curves, challenging uphills and narrow roads, testing their driving skills and the performance of their cars. However, this is not just a race, this is also an opportunity to celebrate the history and culture of Florence.

The invitation of the Firenze Race Team to participate in this event is a recognition of our commitment to motorsport and our passion for racing. We are grateful to Scuderia Biondetti and ACI Firenze for this unique opportunity.