Introduction to Motorsport Technical School

On 12 May, our team had the opportunity to attend an exciting seminar held by MTS (Motorsport Technical School). MTS is a school specialising in motorsport. Founded with the aim of providing advanced technical training in motorsport, MTS is committed to preparing students for a career in racing.

The school offers a variety of training programmes, courses and seminars covering a wide range of motorsport-related topics. These include performance engineering, race car mechanics, aerodynamics, race management, team strategies and much more.

As a result of our partnership, we had the opportunity to attend one of these seminars, where we were able to identify and deepen the fundamental skills needed to pursue a career in racing. The MTS experts shared valuable knowledge and experience with us, providing a comprehensive overview of the technical skills, management skills and theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in motorsport.

It was a great learning and inspiring moment for the whole team, and we are grateful to MTS for offering us this valuable opportunity for professional growth. We are determined to put into practice what we have learnt and continue to develop our skills to achieve our goals in this field.