Components' Race

13 September was a very successful day for our team. Together with DynamisPRC, we participated in the Components on the Run competition organised by our valued technical partner, Bianchi Industrial. We are extremely proud to announce that our team won the first prize!

During the presentation, we precisely listed all the components supplied by Bianchi Industrial that were used in the construction of our FR-23 car. We explained in detail the reasons why we made certain technical choices, highlighting the importance and effectiveness of the components supplied by Bianchi Industrial in improving the performance and reliability of our race car.

Our presentation was received with great enthusiasm and appreciation by the jury and other competition participants. We were able to demonstrate our in-depth knowledge of components and their applications, as well as our ability to make technical decisions based on sound reasoning.

This award is a ** testament to our commitment**, dedication and expertise in the field of motor racing. We will continue to work hard to maintain this level of excellence and to continue building strong relationships with our technical partners. We are excited about what the future holds and are determined to reach new heights in motorsport.