Next Generation Fest

October 21, 2023 was a truly extraordinary day for the Firenze Race Team. We were invited to participate in the Next Generation Fest, a very important event organised by the region of Tuscany and Giovanisì. This was a unique opportunity for us to talk about Formula Student competitions and to show everyone present our car.

During the event, we had the honour of presenting our passion for car racing and sharing with the public the challenges and emotions that characterise the world of racing. We were thrilled to show our car, a tangible result of our commitment and dedication.

Among those present was the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, who showed great interest in our project and our team. It was an honour to be able to share our passion with him and explain our work in detail.

The event was a success and we are grateful to Regione Toscana and Giovanisì for giving us this extraordinary opportunity to introduce our team and our car to the public. We also want to thank Eteam_unipi, Ingegneria.italia and Gabriele Vagnato with whom we shared the stage to talk about the Formula Student activity.

We hope that our participation in the Next Generation Fest has inspired the young people who attended to pursue their dreams in the field of engineering and motorsport, while we will continue to work hard to achieve new goals and represent our city and our university in the best possible way.