The people behind the project

We are excited to introduce the members of the Firenze Race Team, consisting of about 100 students, each bringing a unique set of skills and extensive experience in their field. The team members come primarily from the School of Engineering at the University of Florence, but also include students from other schools.


Organizing team activities and interfacing with institutional figures are fundamental tasks for optimal performance: the Management of the Florence Race Team is responsible for this.


The aerodynamics package of Formula Student cars is truly important: in order to develop it optimally, in-depth fluid dynamics studies conducted by our team of aerodynamicists are necessary.

Brakes and pedals

After every acceleration, there is always a brake: the members of the Brakes department work to make it as effective and reliable as possible

Chassis and ergonomics

All the components of our cars have one thing in common: they are attached to the chassis. Our chassis engineers are responsible for designing a structure that is solid, safe, and lightweight.

Engine and drivetrain

The beating heart of our car is tamed by the Engine department: they are responsible for optimizing and making everything that moves the car as reliable as possible.


How many electrical wires are there in a Formula Student car? Surely the members of the Electronics department can answer this question, as they are the ones who design and create electronic boards and wiring.


One car, dozens of team members, and hundreds of components are not easy to manage and move. Fortunately, the members of the Logistics department are here precisely for this.


Formula Student circuits are extremely twisty: cornering with precision and at high speeds is essential to achieve good lap times.

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle dynamics specialists are never enough: designing the suspension system, managing the tires, and fine-tuning the car's handling are challenging yet indispensable tasks for good drivability.


How could the Florence Race Team sustain itself economically if it were a company? Our Business department would tell us this through the development of a business plan.


When it comes to hitting the track, all our work is in the hands of the drivers: they play a role of great responsibility that requires immense talent and skill in driving.

Social media

Our presence on social media is crucial both for visibility in the motorsport world (particularly in Formula Student) and for thanking sponsors: our Social Media team is here for this purpose.

Join the Firenze Race Team and experience the thrill of university motorsport! Contribute to the development of our race car, gain valuable experience, and collaborate with renowned partners.
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